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Virry VR: Wild Encounters

PlayStation 4

Virry VR: Wild Encounters

PlayStation 4
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Price is valid until December 02, 2021
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Current price:$10.49
Min. price:$5.99
Текущая цена PS+:$8.39
Min. price PS+:$3.99

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Type:PS VR App
Release:April 24, 2018
Manufacturer:Fountain Digital Labs Limited

Virry Safari


Buy now Virry VR: Wild Encounters PS4 (PS VR App) for $10.49 instead of $20.99 with discount of $10.5 ($8.39 with PS Plus subscription) or wait until price drops on PS Store (USA). Watching for price dynamic on MyGameHunter

Winner of the Webby People's Voice Award 2017 in ‘VR: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-time’.
Virry VR is a virtual safari filmed in 4K VR at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenyan home of the most endangered African megafauna. Also African River relaxation experience and 3 live cameras!

“I have seen thousands of spherical videos, and the footage from Virry VR is the most stunning nature scenes I have ever seen in any medium.”
Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director of The Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University.
Winner of the Webby People's Voice Award 2017 in ‘VR: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-time’.

Virry Safari: Wild Encounters is your ultimate interactive safari experience. Filmed in 4K at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, one of the foremost wildlife sanctuaries in Kenya, Virry lets you engage with wild and endangered species in their natural habitats. With travel restrictions enforced globally, Virry is your solution to keep exploring.

Without the use of any CGI, Virry takes you on a safari that brings you closer to the animals you want to see, creating experiences that are more intimate than anything you would be able to experience in real life.

Feed a large bottle of milk to the baby black rhino, or sit in the midst of curious elephants. Hang around with some troublemaking baboons as they steal watermelon and touch your face, give oranges to giraffes, and much more!

Feeling stressed or anxious? Take a relaxing 360° River Walk or Tree Walk.
As our access to nature is made temporarily unavailable, our need to connect with wildlife and natural environments through virtual reality has never been greater.

Offline single player
PlayStation VR headset compatible
PlayStation Camera compatible
Uses DUALSHOCK 4 vibration function

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